Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double Digits

Since I last blogged (yes, a long time ago...) we have reached the double digits in our wedding countdown!
What an awesome milestone...sitting at 95 days as of today!

Last week my Mr. to be was home for almost the whole week on a business trip.  We had such a fun week and weekend together.  We haven't spent that much time together since the holidays and we probably won't get to spend that length of time together until our wedding week! So crazy! Having to be apart all during the week and some weekends makes me truly cherish every minute we get to spend together.  I'm so blessed to have such a hardworking and loving man to call my own.  

With the fast arrival of our big day, I'm having to really start focusing on what projects have to start getting done. 

Two weekends ago I finished our moss covered initial wreaths! As of right now, I plan to use these on both the church and reception site doors (my mind could change). 

Like every other project I get started on it always seems to take me a tad bit longer than anticipated.  I think it's just due to my perfectionist, Type A personality.  Oh well!

Here is a peak into how I created these initial wreaths.  
Yes, you are seeing correctly...I had to build my very own letters.  After searching high and low on the internet and local craft stores, I could not find paper mache letters that were large enough to make a statement on the doors for the ceremony and reception.  My next option was to buy a few poster boards and create my own.  So I did just that!
I wrote out my letters by hand and using a ruler but you could easily print out a large letter in the font of your choice and trace it onto the poster board.  The letters are 22" tall and about 22" wide as well.  After cutting out a front and a back to each letter, I cut 2" wide pieces of the scrap poster board to use for the depth of the letters.  With some clear mailing tape and patience I was able to get both letters shaped up and ready for the next step.
After I formed both letters, I chose to paper mache them with kraft paper.  With a messy mixture of flour and water I was able to fully paper mache both letters with two layers.  I had to wait over night for each layer to allow for drying time.  The paper mache layers ensured that the forms were sturdy enough to withstand the next layer. 
Above is my paper mached M and the rest of the needed supplies.  I picked up some sheet moss at my local Joann's and it worked wonderfully! I had read on a few sites that the moss already on sheets was easier for application and less mess than loose moss.  I also pulled out a cutting board and rotary cutter.  Notice I had tons of layers of newspaper below my workspace.  This was a huge help when it came to clean up time.
As you can see above, I would simply place my letter on top of the sheet moss, then trace the shape with a pen or marker, and easily cut with my rotary cutter.  I had to piece together pieces of moss in order to cover the whole letter but it worked out and no seams can be seen.  I used hot glue to glue the moss pieces onto the letter and.....
Tadaa! I have two initial moss wreaths! One for him and one for me!
I'm so pleased with the outcome and am so happy to have another project checked off my to-do list!

Did I mention how much I saved by tackling this project myself?
Well here is the breakdown...
  • 4-5 poster boards spending maybe $5.00
  •  Mailing tape (already had)
  • Rotary cutter $12 (great investment because I will use again!)
  • Roll of Kraft paper (already had)
  • 5 packs of sheet moss - sell for $8.99 per pack but the nice lady counted my 50% off coupon on each pack so I spent a total of around $25 for all of the moss
With a grand total around $40 I think I made some huge savings considering they are selling for over $180 on Etsy and other sites.  

Thanks for checking out my latest project!
I have recruited my sweet friend (check her out here) to help me with table linens and runners for the reception and whatnot! I'm excited about what we have come up with.  She knows me and my style very well so I have no doubt that they will turn out precious!  I ordered some supplies tonight for a big wedding project I have coming up to do so stay tuned for hints and updates on what it could be!

Hope you all have a blessed week!