Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Back

Go figure...as the wedding approached I slacked big time on my blogging.

With that said...I have lots to catch up on and show you about our big day!

Because yes I AM MARRIED!

I LOVE being a Mrs. and a wife.  These past few weeks have been great and I'm missing my Mr. tremendously during the weeks as he works out of town.  I speak for us both as we say that we are literally living for the weekends.  If I thought I cherished our time together before I know I cherish it so much more even now.  We get frustrated and it's so hard being apart during this sweet time but we keep reminding ourselves that good things come to those who wait.  
Hopefully sooner than later we can be reunited in the same city, we can purchase a cute house that we so often dream about, we can cook dinners together, go to work together, and kiss each other goodnight.  I long for that sweet day.

I am sure to be back soon to post about the wedding crafts I completed, share pictures of the events leading up to the big day, and finally to share all the fun and excitement that took place as we officially became husband and wife!