Sunday, November 18, 2012

.Big News.

Lots has been going on in our world lately...

Most importantly....we found out this week that Michael is coming home!!!!

It's been a whirl wind of an experience and everything is happening so fast but we are so extremely excited! God has surely answered prayers and we cannot wait to finally live in the same city as a married couple!

With that said, I am currently typing away from our apartment in AL for what could be the last weekend we have to spend here! This coming week we will be sharing the holidays together in TN then Michael will return to AL for what should be his last week of work here! 

You can guess that when we got the news the only thing we have been able to think about is buying a home...our very first one! And let me just tell ya....we have been dreaming, anxious, and ready to start this process for a very long time.  So next week we will be officially starting our house search! Words can't describe how incredibly excited I am to find a place to call our own, to fill with all our pretty wedding gifts, and to decorate!! 

We definitely know what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving! In the midst of all the excitement going on, I will do my best to check back in with updates on our home search and the holidays!