Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy Bee

My hiatus from blogging has lasted far too long.
Good news is that LOTS has been happening since the last time I updated.

The first week of school I booked our photographer, our caterer, and our florist! 
It was definitely a busy week full of meetings but I am soo happy and relieved with our choice of vendors.  They are awesome and I so look forward to working with them more and more as the big day approaches.  Aside from those three we have booked our reception band, met with our cake baker, and registered for gifts!
It feels unbelievably great to have these big decisions all lined up and out of the way.  It has honestly been a very smooth process and I couldn't be more grateful.  

I'm a complete Pinterest addict and find so many inspirational ideas through this awesome resource! If you haven't checked it out yet I suggest you do! I've specifically got an extensive Wedding Ideas board!

In other exciting news...we are taking our engagement pictures this Thursday! Ahh I'm both excited and nervous!  I've never had professional pictures taken and I honestly have no clue what to expect.  I have complete confidence that our photographer will capture beautiful shots, I just hope we look okay in them! haha We are taking Macy along to join in on a few pictures so it should make for a fun and interesting afternoon!
And this weekend I will be reunited with my two best friends and MOHs so we are going to check out some bridesmaid dresses! 

I promise I'll be back soon with more updates and hopefully a sneak peek of our engagement pictures! 

Enjoy your week!
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