Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1 Month

It's hard to believe that one month from today I will be getting married! 
Everything about this seems so surreal.  The tasks are all getting accomplished....yes, I still have stuff to do but most of it consists of fun, crafty tasks that I love.  

Thanks to Ashley and Robin, this week I have started on my tissue tassel garland decorations for the reception! I must say they are looking great and I'm soo excited with how they are turning out!  Can't wait to reveal the pretty tissue tassels in pale pink, gold, and the perfect seafoam.  

I have a guestbook project left to assemble and decorate.  I wanted something a little different than traditional so I can't wait to reveal what I have in mind soon! 
Hint: it's like a mini craft project at the wedding! How perfect and fun! 

The programs are in the process of being planned.  This is one of the bigger projects I have to accomplish.  I've had the idea for them in my head for months and have recently decided to completely print and make them myself so I'm hoping I can figure it out and get them all done smoothly! 

Other than that, I have some random signs and such to make.  There is no doubt that I will be plenty busy these next few weeks.  I'm just so glad that I'm done with the semester and have nothing else to worry about after work.

Even though we are one month out, I can still say that I have loved every second of being engaged and planning our wedding.  This has been such a fun time and has just reaffirmed the fact the I LOVE weddings and everything about them! I love the details, the personal touches, and being able to share our love story with others.  June 9th is coming up fast and I cannot wait for the joyous celebration of marriage to the love of my life! 

xoxo, Candace

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