Monday, September 17, 2012

.Back Tracking.

Looks like I need to do a little back tracking and catch my blog friends up on some of the fun details leading up to our wedding day!

 Here were my invites! I had the invite design created on Etsy and had them printed on pearlized paper by my neighbor that owns a printing business.  He also printed the pale pink chevron on cardstock that backed the invite.  Finally, layered on the back of it all was kraft paper cardstock to cover the white from the chevron.  All in all, 3 layers thick of cardstock that I hand assembled which made for a very sturdy invitation. 
Tied around the invitation was our RSVP info on a scalloped kraft paper circle tied with seafoam twine...I was so lucky to find such a perfect color!
As you can see, we went with a more modern RSVP approach and opted to save some money and have people respond via email...
I must say it was a huge success! We had the vast majority of people respond and only a few older people weren't computer savvy and let us know by phone call instead.
This small detail saved lots of money on the extra paper, design, and postage for traditional RSVP cards and I wasn't ashamed at all....guess sometimes it's worth it to change with the times!
 The invitations were tucked away in a matching pearlized envelope with our return address printed on the back flap and sealed with a custom label printed with our names.

 This is the design I used for the envelope labels.  You will see later how else I used it at the wedding!

 Above is our monogram label that was used throughout the wedding as well! I got both designs created on Etsy for me and I love them so much! Again, be watching for where else I used this monogram label in the wedding!

 I made a Honeymoon Fund jar to sit around the house and at showers to save a little extra money! It was a fun craft one night while I babysat my flower girl! Plus I got to use our Candace & Michael label design again!

 I couldn't have been more happy with my flower girl's dress! It turned out precious and perfect in every way! I'm still debating on ordering one for myself in a cute color....I love me some bows!
I bought wooden hangers and attached handmade burlap bows to them to give to my flower girl and bridesmaids! I was so happy with how they turned out! :)

 I had another beautiful shower in May and was so grateful to get so many wonderful gifts!
 My bff and MOH joined me for the day.
 Of course my sweet mom was there.
And Michael's grandmother's joined in on the fun.
 My sweet mother-in-law.
And me and Mrs. Susie with the lovely hostess for the afternoon!
Here is my preliminary setup of the exit table above and entry table below.
I'll show the final outcome in the wedding picture post coming soon!

 And I'll end this post with a picture of my "new daughter," Macy.  She's very big as you can see her head is bigger than mine....she can be a pain, and she sheds a lot...but we love her.

I just love that this picture is the background on Michael's phone and work computer....he loves his two girls and that makes me happy!

Be back soon with more! :)


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