Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bridal Party!

I've been meaning to do this post for a while...okay a really long time.  When it came to my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted to ask them in a cute and creative way.  I searched and searched for ideas and finally found this one that really looked fun and I could add my own twist to it.  

So I got to crafting and came up with these...

Each girl on the chain represents a bridesmaid and my flower girl! I had so much fun making them and thought they turned out cute! 

So now you are probably wondering who my bridesmaids are...

My first Maid of Honor is my bff Ashley.  Ashley and I have known each other since second grade and we became really close friends in middle school.  It was a no brainer that she would be standing by my side on the day I got married.  (She's a blonde on the chain)
 Ashley got to be there and watch as Michael proposed!

My second Maid of Honor is Meghann.  Meghann and I met and became close friends in high school and have stayed super close throughout college.  She is the one who always daydreamed with me about our weddings one day.  She is the best help and has so many great ideas and I'm so lucky to have her as my best friend.  (She's the cute red head in my bridal party)
Meghann drove all the way from Houston to surprise me the night I got engaged! It was so wonderful having her there with me to celebrate!

My next bridesmaid is my cousin Kaylee.  Kaylee was my first girl cousin and boy was I happy to have her join our family full of boys.  We are 8 years apart but most can't tell because she has outgrown me by multiple inches.  Not to mention she has grown up to be one of the most beautiful girls (inside and out).  I adore her and am so excited she gets to share this day with me.  (Kaylee is a brown haired girl)
This was taken this summer on our trip to pick out my wedding dress!

My fourth bridesmaid is my childhood friend Brooke.  Brooke and I have been buddies since we were in first grade.  We cheered together our whole lives and even grew up living around the corner from each other.  She is such a sweet friend and I'm so glad she gets to be a part of my big day. (Brooke is one of the blonde girls)
This is the most recent picture of me and Brooke at Christian's wedding this summer!

My fifth bridesmaid is my friend Christian.  Christian and I met in middle school but became really close friends in high school.  We used to always say we were the same person, she just had brown hair.  Christian is an awesome artist and we share many of the same crafty hobbies.  She just got married this past summer so she's been a great help on the do's and don'ts of wedding planning.  (Christian is one of the brown haired girls)
And here is me with the beautiful bride, Christian!!

Finally, my flower girl is my sweet friend Bess.  Brooke and I babysat Bess since she was just a baby.  Since I've gotten in college, I have become really close with Bess's sweet family and get to babysit her and her brother often.  Bess reminds me so much of myself when I was her age.  She loves American Girls and Barbies (both of which were my favorites).  She even named her new American girl Candace after me last Christmas.  So when it came down to naming my new BMW, I couldn't resist naming her Bess :)  I love this little girl and am so glad she gets to be a part of my big day! (Bess is the one with dirty blonde hair on the end)
And here is my sweet Bess! This was taken last year when I got to spend the whole summer with them!

And that's my little bridal party! These girls have all played a big role in my life.  They have grown up with me and always encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.  They are friends that I will always cherish and I'm so grateful to have them stand by my side on my wedding day!

P.S.  They are wearing the perfect shade of seafoam dresses! :))


  1. I love the whole thing! I'm currently creating my own "invites" to ask my bridesmaids...although they probably already know that I want them in my wedding! :)

  2. absolutely love this idea!! ;)

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    Happy Holidays!