Sunday, January 29, 2012

My week in review

First off I want to say hello and thanks to all of my new followers I have received this past week!  Thanks to my sweet friend and fellow bride-to-be, Whitney at That's Influence, for the shout out earlier this week! Makes me happy to know my blog is slowly but surely catching on and it motivates me to post more :)

I thought I would give a little recap of my past week and some fun projects and things that have been going on! 

Last weekend I spruced up our house for Valentine's Day! Though some view this as a silly holiday I find it to be a sweet one; not only because the colors are great, but because it's fun to celebrate "Love"!
"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love." 
1 Corinthians 13:13
Our decorations start at the front door! 
I was inspired to make these wreaths after I saw this pin on Pinterest....
Absolutely too cute not to try out! I had to search online to find the berry garland in red and pink and bought my wreath forms at my local Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  Mine aren't quite as vivid but I'm overall happy with the result and love the welcoming and festive touch it adds to the front of the house.  
These are our heart burlees that we hang on our french doors into the back yard.  They always add a fun and festive touch to our living area.  
And here is the mantel with my love collage.  I think my favorite part about this whole display is the small hanging ornament on the right side of the picture that says "Be Mine."  We found this last year lying on a shelf at Marshalls for $2 and I couldn't pass it up.  It's enclosed in glass on either side and framed in metal.  The backside shows cupid with his arrow.  Such a small and fun touch! Not to mention the jar full of pink, red and white M&M's...yumm!

Last weekend I also worked on a canvas to hang in my cubicle at work! Yes, I'm that girl...I have to have a cute workspace no matter where it is.  The grey walls of my cubicle were not cutting it so I had to add some color.
This is what I came up with.  I didn't want anything too detailed just something whimsical that would add color to the drab space.  I love the colors I used and added in hints of pearlescent white so that it would add a special luster and catch the light.  
Here's the finished project hung up at my desk.  It definitely helps to brighten my day when things get busy and hectic.  As you can also see I have a picture of me and my sweetie and a jar of those cute M&M's.  :) This is only one portion of my desk space.  I'll have to share the rest of the space with you another day!

On Thursday night my mom & I hosted a Stella & Dot jewelry party! I love the chic, stylish, and unique pieces that they have and we had so much fun hosting.  The simple and stylish displays for their home parties accent their jewelry pieces so well! Here are a few of my favorite pieces on my wish list...

All of these are great pieces to transition into the upcoming spring and summer months! Not to mention they would like great with some of my honeymoon outfits that I am anxious to start planning! 
Such an awesome brand that I love!!

And this weekend I traveled to Alabama to visit my sweet fiance.  Being separated right now is hard but makes our time together so special.  Saturday morning I assembled the new coffee table I found for us! (It was an awesome deal and was exactly the style I had been searching for!) Silly me forgot to take a picture of the table in it's new space.  However here is what it looks like...
Decorating is one of my passions and I can't wait to have a house to decorate from head to toe.  I'm loving being able to pick up special pieces that we love here and there so that when we do get in a house we will already have several pieces that we love to decorate with.  
And here are my two rotten cuties! They sure do love each other. During the week they only have each other so as you can tell they have bonded very well.  Macy loves her daddy.  I love being able to capture moments like this one :) makes my heart happy.  I love these two and miss them already.  

So that is my week in review! All over the place and full of fun! 

Good bridesmaid dresses are in and I'm going with two of my bridesmaids tomorrow to check them out! I absolutely can't wait to see how they turned out! I also have another DIY project for the wedding that I'm going to try and complete this week so I'll be back with updates on that! Hope you all have rested up this weekend and are ready for another week! :)


  1. I know I tell you this way to much, but I need your craftiness skills so bad! We haven't decorated our house at all because we want to move shortly after the wedding. It depresses me not to bring in rugs & cute accents but you can bet once we move I'm adding all those cute touches via what I like to call my "Candace inspiration"

  2. You know I love everything about this post, right? ;) And congrats on the new followers! I knew you would start catching on sooner than later! ha

  3. I saw that "XO" door wreath on Pinterest too. Love it & all of your v-day decorations.
    -Marci [one of your newest followers :)]

  4. yay for your bridesmaid dresses! I just got my save the dates, so excited!

  5. Really love your Valentine's decorations! I found you at Along the Way with V & J's blog. I'm on of your new followers!