Monday, January 16, 2012


Save-the-Dates are officially in the mail! 
Making these bad boys was definitely a process! It took a me a good couple of weeks to get everything done.  I worked in stages and created every bit of the save-the-date myself.  

I was inspired by a save-the-date example I had seen on  The example was very simple compared to my creation but it gave me a foundation of something unique and I knew I could add my own touch to it!  

I began by ordering our custom save-the-date stamp from Antiquaria.  It was an awesome investment and worked flawlessly on each card.  I ordered my kraft paper and matching envelopes from papersource.  The seafoam chevron strip at the bottom was a paper pdf file I bought and printed out onto white cardstock.  I used a tool to put the small eyelets at the top of each card and strung my pink twine through it.

The fun part about the stamp is that I embossed each one! Embossing is one of my new favorite things (thanks to my friend Meghann for teaching me how!).  It makes the product look more finished and fancy but was still easy and cheap.  I love the finished result! I had to cut each card down to the tag shape as well as cut each chevron strip.  Like I said...definitely a process! I had nice little assembly lines going and paced myself by completing separate steps each night. 

I went one step further by adding on to the back! I began by placing a small wallet size picture onto the center of the tag and held it down with gold photo corners.  I also placed a small pink circle on the center of the chevron strip and embossed a gold 'm' in the center.  Of course the 'M' represents my soon-to-be last name!
Adding the picture and these extra touches made our save-the-date that much more personal and unique!
And here are my finished stacks of cards! Lots and lots of work right there! 

Though it took a lot of work, I am so glad I was able to create these all on my own.  They reflect me as a bride and I am so excited for my guests to be receiving them in the next couple of days!

But...I didn't stop there.  After putting that much work and creativity into the actual save-the-date, they had to be delivered in an equally crafty envelope.  
Here is my stack of stuffed envelopes ready to go to the post office!

I bought matching kraft paper envelopes and chose to print out my own wrap address labels onto pale pink label sheets.  It was such an easy process and was so much better than writing out each individual guest name.  I love that the envelope coordinates with the invite on the inside!
Here is the front of the envelope (address blurred)...
...and the back where the address label wraps. 

Clean and simple but still have a unique and creative touch! 

I dropped them off at the post office today so they are on their way! 

This was a big project that I'm excited to check off my to-do list.  

I also got some other tasks completed this weekend! I took my dress to get altered and can I just say...I think I love it more and more each time I see it.  Trying it on again Saturday was so much fun! I can't wait until it is actually fitted to my size! 

And...we picked out Michael's wedding band! I love what we chose together.  He is not a big fan of jewelry and had a hard time adjusting to the realization that he will in fact have to wear a ring on his finger every day! haha

There is no doubt that things are really coming together! 

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did!


  1. You are so crafty!! They turned out gorgeous!! I just ordered mine yesterday, ended up with Save the date magnets :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Save the Dates! They are perfect & are so unique to you & Michael.

  3. Of course, I LOVE the save the dates, Candace!!!! They are more beautiful than I could have even imagined :)

  4. These came out beautifully! How exciting to have your save the dates in the mail!

  5. Newest follower! I love your save the date... and I'm currently having a little save the date debacle.. can't wait to get mine in the mail!

  6. Hi! Where did you purchase the stamp for save the dates?? I had basically this exact same thing in mind but inteneded to have a photoshop savvy friend help me out! I would LOVE to do this myself though!

    1. Hi! this link should take you to the site where I got the stamp! They have all different styles and designs! The stamp was a great investment. It was very great quality and worked flawlessly with no extra ink marks like some stamps produce. If you are going to take the stamp route I highly suggest this. I love mine!

  7. your save the takes turned out SO cute. love them!