Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Secret Talent

I have a secret (maybe not so secret) talent.  It's obvious that I love to craft but when I get in the mood I also love to paint.  Art has always been one of my strong points and I took a few years of it in high school.  Other than that, it has always been a hobby of mine.  

I've learned that I work best when I have a picture, idea, or image in front of me.  Over the years, I have been able to create a few pieces of artwork that I am really proud of.  Several are displayed throughout my parents' house and a few special others have found homes with close friends and family!

With that said, I thought I would show you all a few of my favorites that I have done!

 This one I painted for my sweet friend's little girl that I got to babysit when she was little! Mommy showed me an inspiration painting that we both loved and I recreated it here! We could not have been any happier with the outcome. I'm in love with this sweet, girly canvas and it looks precious in her room!
Here is another snapshot without the bow and tag!

 This is a huge 48"x48" canvas that is hanging in our living room at home.  I love this one because it is adds a bold pop of artwork into the large space but it is subtle and abstract enough that it isn't distracting.  The colors are soft and soothing and I'm really pleased with the finished result.  This canvas is unique because I added an epoxy resin to the top of the painting.  This clear, thick finish adds a protective coat and a professional shiny look to the artwork. 
Ignore the wall color and dark trim (it has since been changed to a taupy gray and white woodwork)...but this photo gives you an idea of how large the piece is and how it works in the space. 

 I painted this one for my brother (an avid duck hunter).  I was inspired by a much more expensive piece by a local artist.  Since I obviously couldn't afford it as a house warming gift, I decided to recreate it for his new home a few years ago and I think he really loves it.  It is another large canvas and measures at least 2 ft. by 3 ft. if not bigger.  Notice my brother's has a chocolate lab beside the hunter....
I painted one just like it for Michael...except I lightened up the sky per his request and added a pointer dog instead of a lab.  This canvas currently resides over his bed in the apartment but I'm thinking it will have to be packed up once the nuptials come around and we have our new bed.  It is definitely more suited for a bachelor pad. 

This is a simple and sweet oblong canvas I painted for my bathroom.  It is simply a field of cotton and I really love it for the space it is in.  

This is the photographer that inspired my next painting.  My soon-to-be father-in-law loves barns and snapped this photo one day of one of his favorites he has seen locally.  He then commissioned me to paint it for him.  Talk about being nervous....I looked at the photo and really wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it justice and make it look nice to actually hang in their house (particularly right over their bed).  
I used a large 36"x48" canvas and got to work.  Here are some photos that show the progression of the painting. 
 Up close of the barn...
 Started adding in the trees...
 And the finished product...
I'm proud of this one because it was challenging and allowed me to really discover how realistic I could make a painting.  I love the finished product and am so happy every time I see it hanging in their master bedroom!

And this is the latest and smaller fun canvas I created for my office space at work. It does it's job and adds a fun splash of color!

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek of more of my hobbies! I'm excited to be able to create some more custom pieces once we become a married couple and have our own home! 


  1. WOW! You are really talented!!! Great job!

  2. you are SO talented! I love the ballerina one! it would look so sweet in a little girl's room :)

  3. Love them all!!!! :) I say it all the time but you are so talented!!

  4. WOW. I want to learn to paint but have no idea if I can. do you sell your work? do some tutorials on the easier stuff please!!

  5. These are awesome! Very impressed!