Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I don't think a post by me could do any justice to describe our wedding day.
It was so incredibly wonderful...it was beautiful in every way and was all I could have ever hoped for.
It was (almost) perfect.  I only say that because my sweet husband woke up on our wedding day with a stomach bug.  He was the best groom ever though because he pushed through the day and night, smiled, and made it the best wedding I could have ever dreamed of.  I simply hate that he wasn't feeling his best and wasn't able to enjoy the reception and dancing as much as he would have. 

At the end of the day we were married! And that is absolutely all we could have ever asked for!
I am officially a MRS. and I have loved every second of it!

Every wedding has that one mishap or story to be told.  Other than M being sick, I would say our mishap occurred after the ceremony.  M and I along with the photographer and her assistant went walking behind the church to find an open, green area to take some pretty pictures.  We found just that behind a gated fence that was open.  With me, M, and the photog inside the gate, a big gust of wind blew the gate shut and you guessed it....we were locked in. 
We proceeded to get some good shots before we decided to address how we were going to escape.
Being the calm, determined bride that I somehow was that day, I suggested we climb over the fence.
Of course I got crazy looks and firm "no's" considering I was in my wedding dress. 
It didn't stop me though, I took off my sandals and proceeded to climb the chainlink fence in my dress.  My groom stood behind and held my dressed and helped me carefully ease over without damaging it one little bit.  I think we all kind of stood there in shock when I made it to the ground on the other side.  M climbed up and hopped over real quick.  Then our photographer was able to gather the determination and climb over as well.  Definitely something crazy we will always remember from our wedding day!
The photographers were even able to get some photos of us in action climbing the fence so make sure to look for them on the link below!
Without further adeu....you can check out our photos by our awesome photographer by clicking the link below!

You can also check out our highlight video by our wonderful videographer by clicking the link below!

Hope you enjoy the little glimpses into our special day!!

xoxo, Candace


  1. I saw your pics on FB when Elizabeth Wiggs did a sneak peak!!! Love that one of you climbing over the fence! Makes for a great story!!
    Beautiful pictures and wedding!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous and so happy! Congratulations :)

  3. Your wedding pictures were beautiful! I love the blue earrings you wore! I think my favorite pictures are the ones of ya'll climbing over the fence! So cute and memorable! Congratulations!

  4. Candace you are SO BEAUTIFUL I am just thrilled to death for yall!! Everything about the wedding just looks so sweet and perfect just like you and Michael. I love you girl thank you for getting the pics up on your blog you know I have been dying to see haha!

  5. Cannot believe you climbed a fence in your dress. That is awesome! Everything looked beautiful. Wish we could have been there! Congrats!!!

  6. I think I would have broke down if I had to climb over a fence in my dress. Kudos to you, Candace!!

  7. loved looking at these, thanks for sharing!! thats crazy about getting locked out, at least it wasnt for toooooo long

  8. Hi Candace! I just stumbled across your blog and let me just say, you are a trooper! With your fiance not feeling his best and you having to climb a fence in your wedding dress, you seemed so calm and just happy! I checked out your photographer's blog and the personalized cups are so cute! May I ask where you found them? I'm getting married in March and am interested in ordering some! My email address is megan.lindley33@gmail.com. Thank you so much!