Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I always knew I would love being married.  It's a time that I have always looked forward to.

And these past <almost> 2 months have been blissful.

Marriage is truly one of the greatest gifts that God could ever give us.  

Nothing is sweeter to me than knowing that I have someone to go through life with....share our days, dreams, and our love and I am so glad God picked such a wonderful man for me.

We are still in a rough situation where we don't get to see each other but on the weekends which can be really hard, but I must say we are learning a lot about patience and I have no doubt that this time apart will only strengthen the bond that we have. 

We dream daily of what our first home will be and when we will get to share that fun time but no matter what our ideas may be we know that God's plan for us is so much greater.  We may not know the next steps on this journey or what tomorrow holds but we rest in the reassurance that God has it all planned and knows what's in store.  



  1. Being married to your best friend is quite possibly the best thing ever! :) You look absolutely gorgeous in your picture :) And props to you for doing long distance! Have a wonderful Thursday, XO!

  2. I wanna see more wedding pics :)