Monday, June 6, 2011


Being newly engaged, I've had fun searching all kinds of help sites and finding inspiration from various pictures on the internet.  I made an inspiration board through The Knot's website that houses a few pictures that give somewhat of a feel as to what I want my wedding to be like. 
As you can somewhat tell, I have decided on seafoam green and pale pink as my color scheme.  I want people to walk into my wedding and immediately think "this is soo Candace."  I am a very creative and crafty individual and I want that to show in all the details of my wedding day. 

Another big thing happened today! I'm almost 99% positive that I have decided on a reception site.  I visited one venue this morning that I loved in pictures but seeing it in real life I realized that it was just not big enough for all of the guests.  I left the facility bummed out and clueless as to where in town I could find a site that had the feel that I wanted for my wedding.  I proceeded to just walk through another place that I have heard houses pretty receptions and chanced upon talking to someone about using the facility for the event.  Walking through, it hit me that this place was unknowingly what I was searching for.  It has charm, beauty, and rustic uniqueness that will complement the evening perfectly.

With that said I hope to book Memphis Waterworks soon for my wedding reception next June! I feel so relieved that I am so happy with the site and things are finally starting to really come together.  I'm starting to envision exactly how my wedding day will be and I absolutely love it! I'm continually seeking inspiration and can't wait for all the little details to shine through on the big day!

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